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Tuesday, October 27, 7-8pm (& every other Tuesday through December): Next Objectivists Poetry Meeting

The next objectivists are the world’s only autonomous workshop dedicated to the study & reproduction of the principles and practices of the outsidereal. This week were’ reading the poetry of Lorine Niedecker. All meetings are free & open to the public. Beginners welcome! For more information and copies of the reading material, send an e-mail to:  nextobjectivists@gmail.com.

Thursday, October 29, 8pm – 10pm: Film, Cities and War – A film screening and discussion series by Enos Williams

This project examines the subtle effects of war, effects that scar a nation, cause a sort of “karmic fall – out” even on generations that did not participate in the war or non combatants during a war. We will screen The 2nd Heimat which is about a group of film and music students in Munich between 1960 and 1970. It is a German, made for television, series written and directed by Edgar Reitz. We will use this film as a model with which to examine the after shocks of war in a broader sense deeper than usually presented on screen in films from any country.


Sunday, November 1, Noon to 5pm: Day of the Dead Performance & Celebration

The multi-talented team of Leah Bult, Amanda Lilleston, James Rost, Colin McRae, John Kannenburg, Jessica Guidry, Yuan Ma, Emilia Javanica-White, Reed Esslinger, and Megan Reynard, travel from Ann Arbor to host a special Day of the Dead Celebration with music, mask making, performance, art making.    Come and raise the dead!



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