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SUNDAY, JULY 4th —Sunday Skillshare Series: Screen Printing
10am – 12pm

Come pull some screens with CAFF! We’ll have two screen-printing boards going
from 10:00-noon & several different designs. Print on paper or on clothes from
the free box. Stop in for a minute or join us for the duration. Coffee for all.

(Caff Composts)

MONDAY JULY 5–Supralingual/Sublingual: The Tongue is the Terrain by Gary Setzer
9pm – 10pm

Supralingual/Sublingual: The Tongue is the Terrain, is a new performance by
visual artist, Gary Setzer. Integrating video, live music, and performance art,
Setzer metaphorically parallels the division between air and land with the
division between language and its meaning. The surface of the landscape is the
literal seam between the atmosphere and geosphere; as such, it becomes host to
a range of metaphoric activity revealing both the poetry and gracelessness of
straddling the language/meaning divide. Setzer posits himself here, merging
electro nu-wave music and process-oriented performance art to deliver a nerdy
audiovisual spectacle that recalls Joseph Beuys or Bruce Nauman as much as it
does Devo.

TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 6:30pm – 9:00pm:  Report Back & Slideshow on Haiti (with Ivy Jeanne)

Come out to see a REPORT BACK & SLIDESHOW by Ivy Jeanne about her recent 2-month trip to Haiti post-earthquake. ****snacks @ 6:30****slideshow @ 7:00***

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 7:00-9:00pm: The Caldwells & Fishermans perform at Mess Hall (Live Music!)

“After departing for their respected schools nationwide, The Caldwells and Fishermans return to shore with a special midsummer performance at the unique community center, Mess Hall. The Caldwells are a gang of four who send out good vibrations with their 60’s pop and garage rock sound. Perfect companions, Fishermans provide an enchanted journey with their diverse instrumentation including trumpets and electronic samples that give way to heart-filled group sing-a-longs. Both groups are looking forward to sharing new material, baked goods and some good ol’ fashioned fun.

The show starts at 7pm and is free to the open public!

Fishermans – www.myspace.com/fishermansUSA
The Caldwells – www.myspace.com/thecaldwellsband

THURSDAY, JULY 1, 7:00-9:00pm: Writing at the Movies

“Writing at the Movies” A new writing workshop led by the poet Gene Tanta. Participants in this workshop will use as our point of departure Andre Breton’s surrealist montage technique of dropping in and out of various cinemas looking to cutup visual elements and dialogues. However, instead of the velvety cinemas of Paris, we will use DVDs and Google Videos (no limits on
theme or form). For the first half, we will screen a few minutes of the films we bring in and/or of internet audio-visual artifacts while describing what we see and hear. For the second half, we will perform and discuss what we produced (again, no limits on theme or form). We will write in response to these moving images and sounds, striving for a precise or even a phenomenological
(suspending our assumptions) description of what we see and hear.

Free & open to the general public! Everyone is welcome to attend!

ONGOING EXHIBITION From the Mess Hall Library & Archive
June 6 – July 18, 2010

This on-going exhibit features a rotating selection of books, posters & pamphlets found in the Mess Hall library and archive. Stop by on Sundays during the Glenwood Farmers Market or during other scheduled events to check out this delightful collection of publications and ephemera relating to artistic & activist events that have occurred around the world over the last seven years.


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SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 10:30am – 1:30pm
Sunday Skillshare Series: Recycling T-Shirts (Workshop)

Sandra Peterson, arts instructor at Insight Arts, will host a workshop on recyclying t-shirts! Come & check it out over a cup of coffee!

ONGOING EXHIBIT: Jun 6 – Jul 18, 2010
Selections From the Mess Hall Library & Archive

This on-going exhibit features a rotating selection of books, posters & pamphlets found in the Mess Hall library and archive. Stop by on Sundays during the Glenwood Farmers Market or during other scheduled events to check out this delightful collection of publications and ephemera relating to artistic & activist events that have occurred around the world over the last seven years.


Download an application here:

Find out more about Participatory Budgeting & the Mass Underpass Murals Project here:

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Invitation to a People’s Movement Assembly
hosted by the Compass Working Group
of the Midwest Radical Cultural Corridor

Sunday, March 28, 2010
1-4 PM
Mess Hall
6932 North Glenwood

The US Social Forum will take place in Detroit from June 22-26, 2010. It is a multiethnic gathering, an organizers’ conference, an activists’ exchange, and above all, a movement building process. The economic, ecological, and justice urgencies driving the forum process are encapsulated in the belief that Another World Is Possible and the sense that Another US Is Necessary. To that we can only add Another America Is Inevitable, one way or another. We want to do our part in shaping that future, and to connect and cooperate with others who are doing, thinking, and feeling similarly. http://www.ussf2010.org/

The groundwork for a productive USSF is being laid in advance by the many People’s Movement Assemblies taking place around the country. The Assemblies are a malleable form, designed to bring people together for acquaintance, sharing of ideas, and constructive planning. The Assemblies take slightly different shape depending on where they happen, who organizes them, if there is a theme, etc. In Chicago there may be several different PMAs hosted by different groups, all of different nature and emphasis. We see the PMA as an organizing tool and also as a call to put our own efforts in relation to something larger than ourselves. http://abc.ussf2010.org/es/node/15

To that end, the Compass Working Group invite you to participate in a People’s Movement Assembly. We will offer a report-back from several trips to Detroit, outlining what we have learned about existing, long-term social struggles in the city as well as USSF organizing. We will then briefly explain our own ongoing work and invite others to exchange information on their own projects, to engage in some mutual advisement and analysis. We hope to arrive at resolutions for action, which can refer to ongoing projects inside or outside of Detroit. Then we will be on our way, thinking about next steps in moving ideas to realization. The process will be in motion!

Who We Are
Compass is a loose group of about 14 artists and activists, who have been exploring our ties to different neighborhoods, cities, and rural parts around the midwest. It is a collective project of knowing where we are – of inhabiting, traversing and narrating what we call the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor. We have submitted a session proposal for the Social Forum, which speaks to our interest in the regional scales of living, economy, cultural and political agency. Leading up to the Forum, we will be traveling and hosting meetings as a way to experience another world happening in our own region, to participate in enduring structures of radical regional self-recognition and empowerment. Once we arrive in Detroit, we hope to create a zone for intermingling the temporary large event and the enduring patterns of local doing and making, including contributing to some of the many actions being planned.  We hope to be with you at the USSF, and along the way.

Our session proposal for the USSF:
Midwest Radical Culture Corridor

How can the scattered communities of the Rust Belt and the Corn Belt recognize each other, connect, share resources and build a common culture of transformation? The Midwest Radical Cultural Corridor is a sign, a vision, an invitation to meet with other groups and individuals in cities, towns and rural areas on the roads to Detroit, in order to learn about local situations and spread the news of the Forum among inhabitants. The workshop offers a convergence for all interested caravanistas, bicyclists and walkers to tell stories of their travels and speak about the ways they link their home environments, projects and struggles to other localities and initiatives. Participants will offer a short narrative, show digital images if they desire, and trace their routes on a large map of North America, indicating the communities and struggles they found significant. Key themes are: environmental and social justice campaigns, alternative food production and the fight against corporate agriculture, nourishing cultures of resistance and building radical institutions. In conclusion, participants will discuss the best tools to encourage exchanges and collaborations between cultural groups and activist efforts in neighboring localities. Follow-ups during the Forum will include a walking tour in Detroit in collaboration with local inhabitants. We will also carry out video interviews with participants about the life path that has led them to Detroit, in order to create a lasting document distributed for free. All caravans will be invited and this workshop can be merged with any similar proposal

For more examples of how we have worked in the past: download this small book, A Call to Farms.

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FEB 12-13 Collectivism After Collapse: Chicago Activist Art Spaces, Collectives, & Projects

FEB 15 PLAYWRITING COURSE : The Art of Seeing Needs to be LearnedCLOSED

FEB 17 AREA/CPW reading group


AND here’s details…

NEXT OBJECTIVISTS, Tuesday, Feb 9, 7-10p (Every 2 weeks @ 7p on Tuesdays until May 4)

The Next Objectivists is the world’s only autonomous writing & reading workshop dedicated to research into & reproduction of the poetry & poetic techniques associated with the OUTSIDEREAL. We study a wide variety of radical poetics, from Objectivism to Black Mountain, from Dada to Language Poetry, from Gaucho to Negritude. Upcoming workshops will focus on ekphrasis & the work of Jose Hernandez, Basil Bunting, Tom Raworth, Rae Armantrout, Edward Sanders & many others. JOIN US! All events are free! No prior knowledge of poetry required!

CAA CONFERENCE: Collectivism After Collapse: Chicago Activist Art Spaces, Collectives, and Projects, Friday, Feb 12 & 13, from 7pm-on

The two-night event at Mess Hall is an open invitation to College Art Association conference attendees and the public to come to Mess Hall to informally gather, meet, and learn about Chicago art and activism, including an exhibition highlighting various Chicago-based collective art spaces, periodicals, campaigns, and activist art projects from 2000-2010. Come to Mess Hall and meet many of the people who are involved in this work!

PLAYWRITING COURSE: The Art of Seeing Needs to be Learned, taught by Ezzat Goushegir, Mondays, Feb 15-April 5, 6:30 -8p

Free course, limit 8 seats.
**Register by February 8**  Course is now full

This is an 8-week course for those who wish to develop or expand their creative writing in an enthusiastic and supportive workshop.

This course meets every week beginning February 15, 2010 each Monday from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. During these eight weeks, we will explore the possibilities of looking at things differently.  We will take the chance to challenge received wisdom with fresh perspectives. By exploring the deeper meanings of words, cultural images and dreams, we will make surprising discoveries and will learn how to transmute thoughts and feelings into dramatic form.

Through a series of exercises and readings, students will learn playwriting techniques and write short pieces for stage. At the end of the course there will be a public reading of the short plays developed in the workshop.

Ezzat Goushegir is from everywhere and nowhere, from the East and the West, North and South, from the land of poetry, rhythm, image and the pure silence. Love –as complicated as the truth– is the place of her existence. She is a life time student and teacher at the same time!  Theatre of truth is her profession. She currently teaches at DePaul University in Chicago.

AREA/CPW reading group meeting, Wednesday, Feb 17, 7-9p

Chicago as an Intellectual, Social, and Political Problem   • Red Chicago: American Communism at its Grassroots, 1928-35, Randi Storch • Race, Space, and the Reinvention of Latin America in Mexican Chicago, Nicholas de Genova • Black Metropolis: A Study of Negro Life in a Northern City, St. Clair Drake and Horace R. Cayton  ////// In conjunction with AREA, the Chicago Political Workshop is facilitating a reading group investigating practical and theoretical issues raised by contributors to the AREA #8: Everybody’s Got Money Issues. The impetus for establishing the reading group was an article written by CPW responding to issue AREA #8, which can be found at: http://www.areachicago.org/p/issues/everybodys-got-money-issues/toward-more-coherent-anti-capitalist-theory-and-pr/

SEWING REBELLION, Sunday February 21, 1-4p

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This week…

… Don’t miss this Friday! 7-9pm

Is It Written in the Stars?
Global Finance, Precarious Destinies

A lecture by Brian Holmes

This lecture and slideshow explores a strangely beautiful artwork – Black Shoals Stock Market Planetarium, by Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway – as a visual allegory of contemporary life beneath the glittering lights of the financial sphere. What uncharted constellations have come to guide our creaturely destinies? The experience of networked derivatives trading, the nature of the meta-commodity that is bought and sold and the aesthetic of the “creative cities” that have grown up around the electronic exchanges all slowly coalesce into the larger figure of a predatory society, where each individual’s most intimate fate seems to involve gnawing away at the collective fabric that spawned our increasingly precarious existence. Chicago, it turns out, is something like the global capital of derivatives. The lecture tries to offer a clearer understanding of what the traders in the pits really do and how their obscure mathematic formulas have reshaped the material world that we live in. But it also attempts to conjure up other horizons.

AND!  Three Poets and A Country

Saturday, November 7, 6:30-9:00pm

Three Poets & a Country: Kishwar Naheed, Fehmeeda Riaz, Azra Abbas

“While the war front shifts to AFPAK, the terrorist bombs and the drones kill hundreds, and the war finds endorsement yet again from western feminists; join us as we tell you the other story: the story of decades of repression, the story of brave resistance, and the story of continuous betrayal.

We shall recite feminist expressions of self, sexuality, freedom and dissent through the lives and works of three ground-breaking women poets. We shall contextualize these expressions in broader historical and political backdrop and voice the representations of wars as instruments of destruction of humanity.

Brainstorm with us as we find common threads for building solidarity across the divide. Let’s ask questions!!!”


YOGA CLASS, Saturday November 7, OOPS — That’s supposed to be:

Sunday, November 8, 2:00 – 3:15. All ages welcome.

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This was an awesome performance on September 1 that was well attended.


A quote from someone who responded to the above blog post:

I found it very interesting to see the reactions of passers-by outside the window to Mess Hall during your performance.
People would double-take, and then do a silly sort of dance outside the window to peer through the posters hanging on the glass in an attempt to see what exactly was going on.
Mostly curiosity, some had slight concern.
The concerned people made me wonder if there was a possibility of a police officer joining your cast.
Great show, I like the few changes you made, and I can’t wait to see it again. and again. and again.
Your Groupie

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5th Anniversary feedback postcards scans

These are scans of the written responses we received when we handed out postcards asking for “Your ideas here” for our 5th anniversary party.ideas-1






















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