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Tuesday, October 27, 7-8pm (& every other Tuesday through December): Next Objectivists Poetry Meeting

The next objectivists are the world’s only autonomous workshop dedicated to the study & reproduction of the principles and practices of the outsidereal. This week were’ reading the poetry of Lorine Niedecker. All meetings are free & open to the public. Beginners welcome! For more information and copies of the reading material, send an e-mail to:  nextobjectivists@gmail.com.

Thursday, October 29, 8pm – 10pm: Film, Cities and War – A film screening and discussion series by Enos Williams

This project examines the subtle effects of war, effects that scar a nation, cause a sort of “karmic fall – out” even on generations that did not participate in the war or non combatants during a war. We will screen The 2nd Heimat which is about a group of film and music students in Munich between 1960 and 1970. It is a German, made for television, series written and directed by Edgar Reitz. We will use this film as a model with which to examine the after shocks of war in a broader sense deeper than usually presented on screen in films from any country.


Sunday, November 1, Noon to 5pm: Day of the Dead Performance & Celebration

The multi-talented team of Leah Bult, Amanda Lilleston, James Rost, Colin McRae, John Kannenburg, Jessica Guidry, Yuan Ma, Emilia Javanica-White, Reed Esslinger, and Megan Reynard, travel from Ann Arbor to host a special Day of the Dead Celebration with music, mask making, performance, art making.    Come and raise the dead!



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This was an awesome performance on September 1 that was well attended.


A quote from someone who responded to the above blog post:

I found it very interesting to see the reactions of passers-by outside the window to Mess Hall during your performance.
People would double-take, and then do a silly sort of dance outside the window to peer through the posters hanging on the glass in an attempt to see what exactly was going on.
Mostly curiosity, some had slight concern.
The concerned people made me wonder if there was a possibility of a police officer joining your cast.
Great show, I like the few changes you made, and I can’t wait to see it again. and again. and again.
Your Groupie

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During the months of August and September, AREA Chicago and Mess Hall are organizing an exhibition and event series to expand the content of AREA#8 and continue the conversations about money and its relationship to our work and lives. As the recession deepens, we are continuing the discussions started by the contributors in Issue #8 and offering new points of entry in the topics covered. In addition, this marks the launch of a year of programming at Mess Hall on the crisis of capitalism and the building of a neighborhood solidarity network in Rogers Park. Everybody’s got (more) money issues will culminate at the end of September with a city-wide event titled “Who is going to save us? We are.”    For more information contact Jerome Grand grandj@gmail.com or see areachicago.org


EXHIBITION – August 9-30, 2009

Exhibition with contributions by/about: Humanizing a timeline of the financial crisis, Bert Stabler, Isolationism, Larry Shure, Rogers Park Money, Chicago Political Workshop, Reading Table, Cindy Waldeck, Anti-Redlining, Journal of Ordinary Thought, Exploring Chicago’s Economies, Ashley Weger, Neil Brideau, Neily Jennings, InCUBATE, The Artist Run Credit League, Samuel Barnett, Food Not Bombs, and more. 


EVENT SERIES [Events are held at Mess Hall (6932 N Glenwood) except where otherwise noted.] Details also here


Sunday, August 9 3-6pm 

Opening of Exhibition with readings and discussion. Join contributors of AREA#8: Daniel Tucker, Chicago Political Workshop, Ashley Weger, Bert Stabler, and others. 


August 10-13, 4-7pm

Open/Reading Hours. 

Mess Hall will be open for people to stop by and spend time reading and viewing the exhibition. Check the Mess Hall Calendar for additional Open/Reading hours.  


Saturday, August 15, 12-4pm 

Open gathering to envision a year of programming at Mess Hall around the crisis of capitalism. Join Mess Hall keyholders to think and discuss ideas for teach-ins, lectures, workshops, reading groups, film screenings, exhibitions, and more.   


Sunday, August 16, 1-5pm 

Finding the surplus, turning the surplus into resource, and using the resource.

With readings, discussions and food with contributors Raechel Tiffe, Food Not Bombs, Temporary Services, Rebuilding Exchange, InCUBATE, Wade Tillett, Neighborhood Writing Alliance and more.


Saturday and Sunday, August 22-23, 12-6pm

During the Glenwood Ave Arts Fest

In conjunction with the Glenwood Ave Arts Fest in Rogers Park: Experiments in barter and exchange & Humanizing a timeline of the financial crisis. 


Tuesday, August 25, 6-8pm  

at the Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia

Bars, (da) Business & Benefits: A Conversation about Social Consciousness, Community, and Giving Back

In conversation with leaders from Mucca Pazza, The Hideout, Backstory Cafe, Epiphany Church, Kuma’s Corner, Quennect 4, and Danny’s Tavern, among others.  


Here in Chicago, these small business owners have integrated fundraising for local social justice organizations into their business practices. Join a group of committed entrepreneurs, promoters, cultural workers and musicians for a conversation about the important role that independent business can play in raising consistent resources for activist and non-profit communities.  Conversation organized and facilitated by Kristen Cox, guest advisor for Issue #8, in collaboration with The Public Square. Snacks will be provided. 


Thursday, August 27, 7-10pm 

at Insight Arts, 1545 W Morse 

Teach-in and discussion on Solidarity Economies at Insight Arts with Mess Hall. 


Friday, August 28, 6-9pm

No Games Community forum: Olympics 2016 – Who Benefits and Who Will Pay? Economic effects of the 2016 Olympic bid.


Sunday, August 30, 6-9pm

Visualizing a Vision: Exhibition closing and collective critique. 

How do our representations of capitalism help us understand where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to be? How do we visually represent the dynamics of capitalism and imagine a future beyond it?  With presentations by Rozalinda Borcila and Eric Triantafillou on the relationship between visual language and political imagination, followed by a collective critique of the exhibition and its visual work.


Thursday, September 17, Location and time TBD 

Revolt on Goose Island, Kari Lydersen book release and discussion. Event co-sponsored by Melville House Publishing. 


September Memorial for Franklin Rosemont.

Mess Hall will hold a memorial to commemorate the work and life of Franklin Rosemont. 


Late September, Location and time TBD

Who is going to save us? We are.

A culmination of conversations and inquiries on the future of structuring our work and lives.  

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