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SUNDAY, JULY 4th —Sunday Skillshare Series: Screen Printing
10am – 12pm

Come pull some screens with CAFF! We’ll have two screen-printing boards going
from 10:00-noon & several different designs. Print on paper or on clothes from
the free box. Stop in for a minute or join us for the duration. Coffee for all.

(Caff Composts)

MONDAY JULY 5–Supralingual/Sublingual: The Tongue is the Terrain by Gary Setzer
9pm – 10pm

Supralingual/Sublingual: The Tongue is the Terrain, is a new performance by
visual artist, Gary Setzer. Integrating video, live music, and performance art,
Setzer metaphorically parallels the division between air and land with the
division between language and its meaning. The surface of the landscape is the
literal seam between the atmosphere and geosphere; as such, it becomes host to
a range of metaphoric activity revealing both the poetry and gracelessness of
straddling the language/meaning divide. Setzer posits himself here, merging
electro nu-wave music and process-oriented performance art to deliver a nerdy
audiovisual spectacle that recalls Joseph Beuys or Bruce Nauman as much as it
does Devo.

TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 6:30pm – 9:00pm:  Report Back & Slideshow on Haiti (with Ivy Jeanne)

Come out to see a REPORT BACK & SLIDESHOW by Ivy Jeanne about her recent 2-month trip to Haiti post-earthquake. ****snacks @ 6:30****slideshow @ 7:00***

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 7:00-9:00pm: The Caldwells & Fishermans perform at Mess Hall (Live Music!)

“After departing for their respected schools nationwide, The Caldwells and Fishermans return to shore with a special midsummer performance at the unique community center, Mess Hall. The Caldwells are a gang of four who send out good vibrations with their 60’s pop and garage rock sound. Perfect companions, Fishermans provide an enchanted journey with their diverse instrumentation including trumpets and electronic samples that give way to heart-filled group sing-a-longs. Both groups are looking forward to sharing new material, baked goods and some good ol’ fashioned fun.

The show starts at 7pm and is free to the open public!

Fishermans – www.myspace.com/fishermansUSA
The Caldwells – www.myspace.com/thecaldwellsband

THURSDAY, JULY 1, 7:00-9:00pm: Writing at the Movies

“Writing at the Movies” A new writing workshop led by the poet Gene Tanta. Participants in this workshop will use as our point of departure Andre Breton’s surrealist montage technique of dropping in and out of various cinemas looking to cutup visual elements and dialogues. However, instead of the velvety cinemas of Paris, we will use DVDs and Google Videos (no limits on
theme or form). For the first half, we will screen a few minutes of the films we bring in and/or of internet audio-visual artifacts while describing what we see and hear. For the second half, we will perform and discuss what we produced (again, no limits on theme or form). We will write in response to these moving images and sounds, striving for a precise or even a phenomenological
(suspending our assumptions) description of what we see and hear.

Free & open to the general public! Everyone is welcome to attend!

ONGOING EXHIBITION From the Mess Hall Library & Archive
June 6 – July 18, 2010

This on-going exhibit features a rotating selection of books, posters & pamphlets found in the Mess Hall library and archive. Stop by on Sundays during the Glenwood Farmers Market or during other scheduled events to check out this delightful collection of publications and ephemera relating to artistic & activist events that have occurred around the world over the last seven years.

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